Business law consultancy is impossible without a knowledge of
how business works. Corporate management that fails to take into
account the legal aspects of economic activities is equally problematical.
This is where Leo Staub comes in. With his educational background and
his experience as a lawyer and in corporate management functions, he
combines knowledge from law and management that enables him to arrive
at innovative solutions in legal and strategic business consultancy. Customer
interest is key: how can legal risks be averted from a company, how can legal
opportunities be put to use for the company in such a way that the greatest
possible customer benefit will be achieved?

Leo Staub provides advice for corporate succession, as well as for the
acquisition, sale and restructuring of companies. He is also an arbitrator
for company law and bank contract law within the scope of the St.Gallen
arbitration system. Furthermore, Leo Staub supports companies’ legal
departments and law firms with regard to strategy and organisation development.